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Wake Up To Your Life

Oct 13, 2021

Divorce sucks.  Whether you want it or not, it blows.  I'm getting one.  My heart hurts.  I'm learning to grieve and live.


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Sep 15, 2021

Your business didn't work out.  You're not happy with your body.  You thought you'd be married by now.  You thought you'd have kids at this point.  You didn't plan on getting divorced.  When life doesn't go according to you plans, try out some of the things I suggest in this episode. 


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Sep 8, 2021

I turned 51 last month.  I spent some time thinking about things I wish I'd known a long time ago.  Breathe.  Use the good towels.  Forgive.  Not every thought you have is true.  Stuff like that.  I hope that my birthday brain dump reminds you to stop living on autopilot and wake up to your life.


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Aug 25, 2021

Remember playing Hot/Cold when you were a kid?  Someone would hide an object and you'd have to find it.  If you were getting closer to it, he or she would say "warm, warmer, hot!" and if you were nowhere near it, you'd hear "cold".  I want you to remember hot or cold as you go through your day.  What experiences make...

Aug 18, 2021

If you'd like to feel better, practice self compassion.  Speak to yourself the way you would to a good friend.  In this episode, learn more about why cultivating self compassion is so important and how you scan put it into practice.  


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