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Wake Up To Your Life

Jul 28, 2021

I had to give a speech on confidence recently to a group of business owners.  Ironically, I didn't feel all that confident myself.  When you are plagued with self doubt and insecurity, you can coach yourself out of that and into a place of confidence.  Listen as I explain how to do this.


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Jul 21, 2021

If you've ever said that you're not a creative person, this conversation is for you.  kenT Youngstrom is a successful artist whose work hangs in the home of THE Joanna Gaines.  I also have his art in my house and it inspires me daily.  kenT says getting in touch with your creativity can enhance all areas of your life. ...

Jul 14, 2021

When you receive news you don't like, how do you handle it?  Do you resist it, fight against it, get caught up in anger, and then turn to unhealthy and unhelpful behaviors to cope?  


That doesn't work.  Radical Acceptance does help.  Radical Acceptance is when you stop fighting reality, stop responding with impulsive...