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Wake Up To Your Life

Jun 29, 2022

If you're tired of small talk and long for deep, meaningful conversations, this is for you.


Be interested and interesting.

Be a good listnener.

Ask better questions.

Be present and mindful.

Give of your heart.


These tips apply whether you're on a first date or havig date night with your long term partner.  They work...

Jun 15, 2022

You have many thoughts you think are true, but are actually lies.


Thoughts like: I'm not good enough, I can't make more money, I'll never find love... all LIES!


Listen to this quick episode in which I remind you to think about what you're thinking about!


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Jun 8, 2022

Apartment = Trigger

Anniversary = Trigger

Graduation = Trigger

I'd been feeling more "normal" for a while.  Then a series of things triggered me, reminding me of the difficulty of my divorce and my new reality.

In this episode I speak frankly about the challenges and how they've all led me to one solution......

Jun 1, 2022

When we experience loss, we have to grieve.

But grieving can feel scary and overwhelming.  How do we feel our feelings without getting swallowed up by them?

Listen to my conversation with counselor Juliet Kuehnle.  She offers tools to help us grieve and live at the same time.

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