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Wake Up To Your Life

Aug 25, 2021

Remember playing Hot/Cold when you were a kid?  Someone would hide an object and you'd have to find it.  If you were getting closer to it, he or she would say "warm, warmer, hot!" and if you were nowhere near it, you'd hear "cold".  I want you to remember hot or cold as you go through your day.  What experiences make...

Aug 18, 2021

If you'd like to feel better, practice self compassion.  Speak to yourself the way you would to a good friend.  In this episode, learn more about why cultivating self compassion is so important and how you scan put it into practice.  


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Aug 11, 2021

Being selfish can come very easily for many of us.  What if we decided to be more giving... to think more about what we can give rather than what we can get?  My friend Meghan Trainor is the most incredible fitness coach.  She gives everything she can to the tens of thousands of people she trains online.  Meghan told me...

Aug 4, 2021

When you feel irritated by your spouse, your co-workers, your kids, neighbors or anyone... it's easy to think, "if only they would stop doing what they're doing".  Here's the deal... people are people-y and do people-y things. That includes you.  I offer some thoughts on what you can do instead of being annoyed by...