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Wake Up To Your Life

Feb 2, 2022

I tell my friends that at my age, I'm on the back nine.  More life is behind me than in front of me.

It's not morbid... it's reality.  And when we intentionally think about the fact our days are numbered, it informs us of how we want to LIVE.  So no matter your age, this epsiode might help you think about what it is you want and why it's important you go for it.

Then on a totally unrelated note... at 13:31 I share best pracitces for creating video content for social media.  I know you think about it!  You want to post a video but you freak out.  Or perhaps you're posting video content but it's not making an impact.  Listen to this second half of the podcast for some tips.  And if you need more help, holla at your girl.  I can help you.


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