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Wake Up To Your Life

Sep 7, 2022

Your daughter doesn't get invited to the sleepover and she's upset.  Do you call the girl's mom?  


Your son forgets to bring his homework to school.  Do you drop what you're doing and bring it to him?  (I totally did this)


Your child's calendar is filled with activites every day.  You do this because you want the best for her or him.  But is this the best?


This episode is a must-listen for parents no matter the age of your children.  


Dr. Chris McCarthy is a counsleor with more than two decades of experience.  He works with children, teenagers, and families dealing with anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues.  I love and respect this man and his work.


In this episosde, Dr. McCarthy provides parents with some best practices when it comes to raising children who'll become independent, responsible, compassionate, successful adults. 


Dr. Chris McCarthy is the creator of a program designed to help children with anxiety.  To find out more, go to


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