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Wake Up To Your Life

May 18, 2022

If you're single and looking for love, this episode is for you.  And coupled up folks, you might learn something too!

Jennifer Hurvitz is a dating coach and the host of the podcast Doing Relationships Right.

In this episode, Jennifer shares how to know when you're ready to date after divorce.  She also talks about why you should only date one person at a time (who the hell can hande more than that?!).  And if you''re online dating, Jen has great advice for making your profile and bio really stand out above the rest. 

Listen my friend... never ever did I ever think I'd be dating again.  I thought I'd be married until the day I dropped dead.  So I'm out in the wild too and I know it's scary to give your heart to someone.  But we deserve big mad love.  Let's go find it.

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